Vintage Excellence is a specialty shop for all Porsche cars. Specializing in the sales and correct restoration of these very fine classic automobiles. We deal in primarily Porsche vehicles from 1964-1973; Including 356, 912, 911, and 914-6. Our skill set allows us to handle any unique vehicle in the world. Our experience and passion far exceed the norm. Our mission is the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. High end unique & collectible vehicles is what we do and we love what we do.

Porsche 912 Engine 1
Porsche 912 Engine


Over the years I collected enough perfect parts for two high end 912 engines. I no longer need this engine as it was intended to be a spare for my car which already has a perfect engine. The engine is not built yet but is in the process. If you would be interested in purchasing this engine and have it built to suit your car then please email us. The engine plan is the following, a hot street engine:

  • 1968 Porsche 912 case STD. BLANK front cover with no serial numbers, replacement part, full flowed oil system
  • 1968 Porsche 912 factory crankshaft STD magnafluxed, polished, balanced, oil galleys cleaned
  • 912 rods, 2 oil hole style, re-sized, balanced, shot peened, new rod nuts
  • Neutek SX1 camshaft, re-surfaced original ATE lifters
  • 912 heads near perfect low miles non smog heads, all machine work completed by the very knowledgeable Walt Watson of Competition Engineering who: resurfaced heads and combustion chamber 61cc, all new Ate valves, new springs, new guides, competition valve job, port match manifolds to heads
  • CSP full flow oil system with remote oil filter, stock filter will remain in place but the passages blocked
  • Rebuilt rocker assemblies - I disassembled 12 pairs of rocker assemblies! Took the best parts and made up a set for my engine and this spare, a set of 8 of the best stock push rods was selected
  • Shasta 86mm Forged pistons 9.25:1cr and cast iron cylinders
  • Glyco NOS STD/STD main bearings and rod bearings
  • New pushrod tubes, new oil lines to filter housing, CSP ultimate engine gasket set, new Solex gaskets, new fuel line, rebuilt fuel pump, new fan belt,
  • Flywheel resurfaced and balanced with new Sachs clutch, new clutch bolts, 
  • All 912 sheetmetal, selected pieces, straightened and powder coated, correct decals will be applied
  • All correct 912 hardware Zinc plated or Black Oxided
  • Bosch 031 distributor, run on a Sun distributor machine to test specs, NOS Bosch brown distributor cap, CSP deluxe plug wires, NGK plugs
  • Solex PII-4 40mm carburetors fully rebuilt, correct jetting for a larger engine, resurfaced and port matched manifolds, new linkage, Knecht wire mesh air cleaners
  • New Bosch large diameter generator 
  • Full 912 stock Listritz muffler and exhaust, optional Bursch header available

This engine is all German parts, all factory parts where possible. All parts are Standard in size and very good to perfect condition. If you have priced the cost of correctly rebuilding a improved power 912 engine then you will know that this is a good deal for what you are getting. This is a turn key engine that will bolt right into any early 912 and provide years of great use. Installation available and a 6000 mile warranty is included. No core required. Contact me if you need an engine set up for a 356. The engine pictured is just a sample, the actual engine for sale is not pictured yet.
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